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What is this site?

Import any CSGO backpack and view the wear (float) value on all skins

What is a float value

"Float value" is an jargon term to describe the EXACT condition a CSGO skin appears in.
a float value is a numerical value that hides in the CSGO Item Schema,
which has 13 significant figures, each of which are significant, rounding the number, or changing one digit would change the appaerance of the skin
the closer to 0.0000000 your skin is, in theory, the closer to perfect it will be. (there are some exceptions)
The range your float values determine if your skin will be:
- Battle Scarred (0.44 – 1.00)
- Well Worn (0.37 – 0.44)
- Field Tested (0.15 – 0.37)
- Minimal Wear (0.07 – 0.15)
- Factory New (0.00 – 0.07)

Why do people care about float values?

This is a good question
basically just like skins themselves, the values are basically trivial
High end traders can sometimes be known to look for low float values (more perfect) skins,
but the importance of Conditional Float values lie compeltely with whoever wants or has a skin.

why "Float Value" can also be an ambigious term?

The term "Float Value" is also reffered to as "float", "Wear Value", and my favourite: "Conditional Float Value" by different people
There are potentially other names, there is no agreed on term for this concept

Please note that there are many other "Float Values" for skins that dont equate to condition, but no-one ever talks about these
Eg. A "float_value" is also used in the item schema to indicate every position a sticker can be on a skin,
then an aditional float_value is used for how many scratches thta sticker has.

My Float is really low for a skin, but it still has scratches!

The float value is dependant on the skin, and even a bit of extra chance.
some skins like FAMAS and USP-S have terrible looking Factory New skins sometimes
Some skins also dont even come in factory new!
skins can even come in a subset of a wear range (Fire Serpent AK skins dont go past 0.06 on the Factory New scale)

I used to get lots of complaints about cached mode,
please understand cache trys to help,
most times, without cache, you wouldnt see any items at all due to how bad the steam API is
The problem lies with steam inventory and not my website

What is cache

Computer Cache (not the counter strike map) is a term used to describe the method of taking and storing a copy of someones data,
so when it becomes unavailble on the original site, you still can access the cached copy
(cache can also be used to speed up loading times, but ignore that concept for this FAQ)

In the case of this website, The steam API that stores float values for skins goes down ALL THE TIME
every time a backpack is loaded using my website, I take a snapshot of the items inside
so when the API goes down, You at least get to have a look at the last good copy of your backpack that was last accesed
So if you are looking at the cache notification, please note: without cache, you should be looking at nothing.
There is nothing i can do to fix the reliability of Steams API service that lets me read float values

What if I dont want to use cache

You have a couple of options to try an avoid using cache, to avoid seeing old versions of your backpack:

1. Press the "Go" button heaps of times
Sometimes spamming the Go button lets your load an up to date version of your backpack after a while
2. Add "&cache=no" to the URL
An example of this is my personal backpack "www.p337.info/condition/?id=p337&cache=no"
using "&cache=no" will always try and get an up to date version of your items, and bypasses cache
you will see errors using this method when the API is down.

Please note my site will always try to use cache

If you are a crazy kid - and want to always see your cache - you can use &cache=yes in the same fashion as &cache=no

There are issues with my cache

Very rarely there are problems with the cache my website collects regarding different skins.
Sometimes I am not aware of them, please report them to me if you see them.
Ive got a really frustrating one at the moment, where Man O' War skins are showing up as knife finishes... trying to fix that
(Fixed on the 28-Jun with SQL sanatization)
I am only human, and this is a cool hobby for me

The site that my website interprets is the following steam API

Update for 28-Sep-16
Finally fixed the hover for the stickers
Will hopefully get around to some new features now
View the float values of any public CSGO backpack

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