P337 Contact

- found the bug with the 4th sticker not showing up (too many parmeters in my code)
- Created a new table for stickers and their prices Link

- further performance increses
- fixed stickers not showing up in cache
- added full names back to Souvenir and Stattrak skins
- fixed a bug I introduced into cache
- added a page for each individual skin, its currently super buggy
- I need to fix a bug where some stickers dont display...
- more features to come ( I have another tool im very excited to build soon)

- Still looking into the caching of stickers
- spent 2 hours re-working my logic to make skins show sooner on page load
- implemented multiple object oriented techniques to allow skins to show up before they are cached in the database
- skins will now load within 5 seconds of importing (instead of 20+), caching and filtering will appear after the page has finished loading

- Added inspect links to all skins - Added if the skin was a result of a trade up or drop

- Added UI to show Stickers applied to weapons

- Finally added sorting of skins. There is now a search bar for phrases you can now sort loaded skins by: position in backpack, float value, skin name, Percentage of wear! Ive been meaning to do this for ages because it involved so much re-coding, but it dodnt take as long as expected!

Dec 13 Feedback:
Hi Everyone, (who still goes here) My site was always a side hobby, and I didnt really have a lot of time to put into the barebones of my website here
I have been wanting to make major changes, but the work I previously did meant that this was heaps of work
I have just made a cleansing of my database, and there may be a few more refreshes to come as I change my database structure.
but once I have everything up and running my site will be faster than ever
Additionally I want to make some features like stickers attached and inidividual item pages, but havent had time to get around to it.
You can expect more content hopefully before the new year!
I understand that there are many of these float evaluation sites out there already, and in the meantime, go and use them, they are fast and efficent now!
I will always be here though, and appreciate feedback
I will work hard if I see people want to use my site!
Happy trading.

Added the following features:
- Global memmory for the settings menu - new complex float display bar, in line with csgo.exchange

Finally fixed the Man-O'-War issue
Solution: Santize inputs Essentially the Man-O'-War has an apostrphy in the name, which breaks SQL if unsanitized,
ive poorly fixed this (wait for the next new skin name to come out with double quotes in the name)

Added the following features:
- Dedicated Settings Menu
- FAQ and information about cached mode (only visible when veiwing cached mode)
- NSFW mode: many times ive been working on my website at work in my free time, employees keep commenting on how inappropriate guns are - turns off images
- A slick new User Interface, new menus and various UI changes
- testing environment for myself
- this changelog (including trying to remeber the previous updates - see below)

Added the following features:
- Caching (A historical snapshot is taken from your inventory if the API goes down)
- Percentage display (50% means average, 5% means terrible, 98% means its nearly the next quality up, or perfect)
- Frequently Asked Questions page added

21-Feb-2015 - Initial Release
Added the following features:
- Showing the float values of your skins
- Steam Eicons API linked with Steamcommunity inventory data
- Click skins you want to sell, then click the "Print" button to make a reddit trade template!