List of Ex raid invite waves in PokemonGo

Below is a list of all public ex raid invites to date.
This list is generated according to your local timezone
if you prefer 12 hour (AM / PM) time, you can click here

Raid dates were previously on this list, but were not accurate,
I am trying to work out a way to dynamically generate them
hopefully I will be able to fix and implement them over the coming weeks


- "Wait time" outlines the number of days between invite passes being distributed
eg. the 19-Sep-2017 invite wave happened 5 days after the previous invite wave

- "Raid Delay" is the number of days - after the invite was sent out - that the raid occured
eg. The Ex raid occured 3 days after the 19-Sep-2017 invite wave.

- The dates / times on this page may appear different to other people around the world due to timezones!