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Made lost of fixes to my back end database for Halloween
Hoping this will bring large fixes across the board
The 10 new warpaints have been added, it will take some time for all the skins to appear though.


Currently looking into a database issue
Sorry for the downtime


- Spent a couple of hours cleaning up CSS appearance and re-validating HTML5
- Fixed a bug where you couldnt click links on the individual item pages


- Changed the design and layout of various pages for increased usability
- Adjusted the menu when working on mobile


- Added currency conversion to the site, its still very new, so please post any bugs!
- Simplified the tiles on all filter pages by removing unnesisary details
- Added a worded description page to all of the items


- Fixed an issue with the collection skins, them showing up as available in unsual has now been fully removed (Thanks Oxymoronking)
- Fixed some asthetic layout elements that I didnt like, and added a new URL for case collections.

Here is an update on what I still want to eventually add to the site
- make feedback easier | (Not yet implemented)
- full currency conversion | (Not yet implemented)
- alternative White theme / other themees | (Not yet implemented)
- Indicate if collection strange skins listed on market are higher than crafting price | (Not yet implemented)
- Back end code to import new skins faster than manual entry| (Not yet implemented)
- Add a search box to search skins (Suggested by Oxymoronking) | (Not yet implemented)
- add a way to see statclock and unusual effects (im thinking a submission based screenshot system) | (Not yet implemented)


- Added submenus to the classes, so when you hover over classes, you can select weapon filters for that class
- Updated the skin preview viewer, it now pre-loads images so there is no lagging


- When browsing search filters, double clicking the price range will now toggle a more details price graph!


- Added a menu for mobile devices!
- Fixed a bug where the headings for drop collections were not showing up
- Updated some visual appearances when using on mobile


- All prices are now scrapped by myself, not backpack.tf, this will increase reliability so much
- Added prices for all drop skins, with backwards compatibility for skins to just appear on the site when I have Strange prices for them.
- Added the 'grade' filter on individual item pages to actually link to the 'all grade' filters
- Changed the functionality of price overviews, so if there is only one price, it does not show '$11.50 - $11.50' (it just shows $11.50 once)


- Added pricelist page! see a table of all skin prices. sortable, searchable etc.
- more page improvements


- Added lots more visual improvements for mobile devices
- Added a filter for all skins of the same grade (See all: Elite, Mercenary or Civilian Skins... Etc.)


- Added Inspect links (In factory new) for all skins
Something ive been meaning to finish for a while now.
- updated a few skins that were using Minimal wear icons for their previews


- Added Rough Beta for profile importing (Click here to test)
Someone contacted me earlier in the month wondering if I could make an import function.
If you have a public profile, you can now scan your backpack and we will show you all the skins you already own!
Here is an example of my backpack - Showing the skins I have in green
I will be adding a few more prompts and things in regards to this feature, but please use the contact button if you want me to know anything.


- updated page URL format, items now use their names in URLs
New URL: http://www.p337.info/tfview/item.php?skin=Rainbow+Grenade+Launcher
Old URL: http://www.p337.info/tfview/item.php?id=134
both URLS still work and go to the same place
- Re-added prices back onto all of the cases (steam blocked me last time I used the feature)


- Added code for currency conversion for Keys and Ref
This is being tested on every item page,
Open an individual skin page, click on 'Keys' or 'Metal' to convert the price.

if its popular enough, I will make a site wide available option.
currently keys and ref are 100% market price
I understand that a more popular figure is 80->85% marketprice for trading, as taxes are not included for trades.

Keys are $2.50 USD

Refined is currently set to 12c value, but eventually will be scraped from the key price (meaning currently it would sit at 12.043c)
I will give a more up to date conversion post when I make this a wider known feature set.


- Fixed an issue where wrenches wernt showing up one the Engineer filter page (Thanks Mister Frank)
- Fixed my price updating script which broke when I cleaned up some code. Prices are now updating after 4 days of downtime (whoops)
- Made multiple visual improvements for mobile and smaller screen resolutions
- Built a way to view all types of one weapon - eg. view all Grenade Launchers


- Fixed an issue where none of the prices for the 'High Roller's' skins were getting their price updated due to me missing out apostrophe on creation
(Thanks to an Anonymous person who used my contact form to submit a bug!)


- Added 98 of the new TF2 skins from the 'Tough Break' update
Still yet to add the inspect links and image previews for all those weapons


- Added code that allows inspecting skins, clicking these links will launch TF2
This code is still in testing so it has only been applied to the Powerhouse weapons collection for the time being
Inspect links were added in the tf2 update as of 2 days ago (2-Oct-2015)


- Minor visual changes to multiple pages.
- Added text that tells you when the tfview local price database last updated for individual skins
(this text is shown below the prices on the individual skin preview pages)
- started work on currency conversion, mainly for metal prices


- Added previews for every quality for each existing skin.
Go to an individual item by clicking on its heading, and scroll down to see the skin in each quality


- Steam made some changes to the API today, they changed the way the $ sign working in their formatting
- Added bugfixing code to tell me when errors are occuring with price checking


- Added market links and price for the weapons case previews


- Added individual view pages for each skin | Example
- Individual item pages now include every price for each quality


- reshuffled UI, Strange indicators now sit on the same row as quality indicator


- Added full price veiwing for skins
- The newly added prices are now displayed on the front page in USD for the time being
All 60 skins now get their prices updated every 30 minutes

11-Jul-2015 - Released Site

- Updated class pages, scout now has Pistol, Soldier Pyro Heavy have Shotgun, Engie has both

5-Jul-2015 - Started Development

- Changed / Edited Navigation bar
- Created Back End Database
- Modified CSS etc