PokemonGo GoFest Countdown


PokemonGo Fest will be held in Chicago lasting 2 days

- Trapinch, Feebas and more will be spawning worldwide
- Plusle and Minun give bonus stardust, available in shiny!
- Alolan Diglett and Geodude family will be released

Players can unlock aftermath bonuses by completing:
- GoFest Attendees: 100,000 quests - 'Extra catch candy' globally
- Americas: 5 million quests - 'Reduced hatch distance' globally
- Europe: 5 million quests - 'Extra hatch candy' globally
- Asia Pacific: 5 million quests - 'Extra raid rare-candy' globally
- More suprise bonuses may be unlocked

Regional challange windows are usually announced via twitter
and could begin before this countdown

GoFest starts in* :
Your Local Time:
Local Time:
Read the official post!
* This timer is estimated from the offical announcement details
as Niantic have not specified a specific time
The actual timer is subject to Niantics timeframes.

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