PokemonGo Legacy Move List

Listed are all possible legacy moves in PokemonGo
Check against your Pokemon to see if you have any
Do not transfer Pokemon with these moves, as they are no longer obtainable!

What are Legacy Moves?
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Which Legacy Moves are good?
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"Moves Gained" are moves added in place of the legacy moves taken away
Note: Charge moves are listed in bold

Img Name Date Legacy Moves Moves Gained
003 VENUSAUR 25-Mar-18 Frenzy Plant [None]
005 CHARMELEON 17-Feb-17 Scratch Fire Fang
006 CHARIZARD 17-Feb-17 Ember, Wing Attack, Flamethrower Fire Spin, Air Slash, Overheat
006 CHARIZARD 19-May-18 Blast Burn [None]
009 BLASTOISE 08-Jul-18 Hydro Cannon [None]
012 BUTTERFREE 17-Feb-17 Bug Bite Struggle Bug
015 BEEDRILL 17-Feb-17 Bug Bite Infestation
018 PIDGEOT 17-Feb-17 Wing Attack, Air Cutter Air Slash, Brave Bird
021 SPEAROW 17-Feb-17 Twister Sky Attack
022 FEAROW 17-Feb-17 Twister Sky Attack
023 EKANS 17-Feb-17 Gunk Shot Poison Fang
025 PIKACHU 17-Feb-17 Thunder Wild Charge
025 PIKACHU 05-Jan-18 Present [None]
025 PIKACHU 20-Jan-18 Surf [None]
026 RAICHU 17-Feb-17 Thunder Shock, Thunder Volt Switch, Wild Charge
027 SANDSHREW 17-Feb-17 Rock Tomb Sand Tomb
034 NIDOKING 17-Feb-17 Fury Cutter Iron Tail
036 CLEFABLE 17-Feb-17 Pound Charge Beam
038 NINETALES 17-Feb-17 Ember, Flamethrower, Fire Blast Fire Spin, Overheat, Solarbeam
039 JIGGLYPUFF 19-Aug-16 Play Rough Dazzling Gleam
039 JIGGLYPUFF 17-Feb-17 Body Slam Gyro Ball
041 ZUBAT 17-Feb-17 Sludge Bomb Swift
042 GOLBAT 17-Feb-17 Ominous Wind Shadow Ball
047 PARASECT 17-Feb-17 Bug Bite Struggle Bug
049 VENOMOTH 17-Feb-17 Bug Bite, Poison Fang Infestation, Silver Wind
050 DIGLETT 19-Aug-16 Mud Shot Mud-Slap
051 DUGTRIO 19-Aug-16 Mud Shot Mud-Slap
052 MEOWTH 17-Feb-17 Body Slam Foul Play
053 PERSIAN 17-Feb-17 Night Slash Foul Play
057 PRIMEAPE 17-Feb-17 Karate Chop, Cross Chop Counter, Close Combat
059 ARCANINE 17-Feb-17 Bite, Flamethrower, Bulldoze Snarl, Crunch, Wild Charge
061 POLIWHIRL 17-Feb-17 Scald Water Pulse
062 POLIWRATH 17-Feb-17 Mud Shot, Submission Rock Smash, Dynamic Punch
065 ALAKAZAM 17-Feb-17 Psychic, Dazzling Gleam Futuresight, Focus Blast
066 MACHOP 17-Feb-17 Low Kick Rock Smash
067 MACHOKE 17-Feb-17 Cross Chop Dynamic Punch
068 MACHAMP 17-Feb-17 Karate Chop, Stone Edge, Submission, Cross Chop Counter, Heavy Slam, Dynamic Punch, Close Combat
070 WEEPINBELL 17-Feb-17 Razor Leaf Bullet Seed
075 GRAVELER 19-Aug-16 Mud Shot Mud-Slap
075 GRAVELER 17-Feb-17 Rock Slide Rock Blast
076 GOLEM 19-Aug-16 Mud Shot Mud-Slap
076 GOLEM 17-Feb-17 Ancient Power Rock Blast
077 PONYTA 17-Feb-17 Fire Blast Stomp
078 RAPIDASH 17-Feb-17 Ember Fire Spin
082 MAGNETON 17-Feb-17 Thunder Shock, Discharge Charge Beam, Zap Cannnon,
083 FARFETCHD 17-Feb-17 Cut Air Slash
084 DODUO 17-Feb-17 Swift Brave Bird
085 DODRIO 17-Feb-17 Air Cutter Brave Bird
086 SEEL 19-Aug-16 Water Gun Lick
086 SEEL 17-Feb-17 Aqua Jet Aurora Beam
087 DEWGONG 17-Feb-17 Ice Shard, Icy Wind, Aqua Jet Iron Tail, Aurora Beam, Water Pulse
088 GRIMER 19-Aug-16 Acid Poison Jab
089 MUK 19-Aug-16 Acid Lick
089 MUK 17-Feb-17 Lick Infestation
091 CLOYSTER 17-Feb-17 Icy Wind, Blizzard Aurora Beam, Avalanche
092 GASTLY 17-Feb-17 Sucker Punch, Ominous Wind Astonish, Night Shade
093 HAUNTER 17-Feb-17 Lick, Shadow Ball Astonish, Shadow Punch
094 GENGAR 19-Aug-16 Sludge Wave Sludge Bomb
094 GENGAR 17-Feb-17 Shadow Claw, Dark Pulse Hex, Focus Blast
094 GENGAR 03-Nov-18 Lick, Psychic [None], [None]
095 ONIX 17-Feb-17 Rock Slide, Iron Head Sand Tomb, Heavy Slam
097 HYPNO 17-Feb-17 Psyshock, Shadow Ball Future Sight, Focus Blast
099 KINGLER 17-Feb-17 Mud Shot Bubble
100 VOLTORB 17-Feb-17 Signal Beam Gyro Ball
101 ELECTRODE 17-Feb-17 Tackle Volt Switch
103 EXEGGUTOR 17-Feb-17 Confusion, Zen Headbutt Bullet Seed, Extrasensory
106 HITMONLEE 19-Aug-16 Stomp Brick Break
106 HITMONLEE 17-Feb-17 Brick Break Close Combat
107 HITMONCHAN 17-Feb-17 Rock Smash, Brick Break Close Combat, Counter,
109 KOFFING 19-Aug-16 Acid [None]
110 WEEZING 19-Aug-16 Acid [None]
112 RHYDON 08-Dec-17 Megahorn Surf
113 CHANSEY 19-Aug-16 Psybeam Hyperbeam
114 TANGELA 17-Feb-17 Power Whip Infestation Grass Knot
115 KANGASKHAN 17-Feb-17 Brick Break, Stomp Crunch, Outrage
117 SEADRA 17-Feb-17 Blizzard Aurora Beam
119 SEAKING 17-Feb-17 Icy Wind, Drill Run Ice Beam, Water Pulse
119 SEAKING 08-Dec-17 Poison Jab Waterfall
120 STARYU 19-Aug-16 Quick Attack Tackle
121 STARMIE 19-Aug-16 Quick Attack, Psybeam Tackle, Psychic
121 STARMIE 17-Feb-17 Tackle Hidden Power
123 SCYTHER 17-Feb-17 Steel Wing, Bug Buzz Air Slash, Arial Ace
124 JYNX 17-Feb-17 Pound, Ice Punch Confusion, Avalanche
127 PINSIR 17-Feb-17 Fury Cutter, Submission Bug Bite, Close Combat
130 GYARADOS 19-Aug-16 Dragon Breath [None]
130 GYARADOS 17-Feb-17 Twister, Dragon Pulse Dragon Tail Outrage, Crunch
130 GYARADOS 08-Dec-17 Dragon Tail Waterfall
131 LAPRAS 17-Feb-17 Ice Shard, Dragon Pulse Water Gun, Hydro Pump
131 LAPRAS 08-Dec-17 Ice Beam Surf
133 EEVEE 17-Feb-17 Body Slam [None]
133 EEVEE 13-Aug-18 Last Resort [None]
134 VAPOREON 13-Aug-18 Last Resort [None]
135 JOLTEON 13-Aug-18 Last Resort [None]
136 FLAREON 17-Feb-17 Heat Wave Fire Spin Overheat
136 FLAREON 13-Aug-18 Last Resort [None]
137 PORYGON 19-Aug-16 Quick Attack Zen Headbutt
137 PORYGON 17-Feb-17 Zen Headbutt, Tackle, Psybeam, Signal Beam, Discharge Charge Beam, Hidden Power, Solar Beam, Hyper Beam, Zap Cannon
138 OMANYTE 17-Feb-17 Brine, Rock Tomb Bubble Beam
139 OMASTAR 19-Aug-16 Rock Throw Mud Shot
139 OMASTAR 17-Feb-17 Rock Slide Rock Blast
141 KABUTOPS 17-Feb-17 Fury Cutter Rock Smash
143 SNORLAX 17-Feb-17 Body Slam Heavy Slam
143 SNORLAX 06-Jun-19 Yawn [None]
144 ARTICUNO 04-Aug-18 Hurricane [None]
145 ZAPDOS 21-Jul-18 Thunder Shock [None]
146 MOLTRES 08-Sep-18 Sky Attack [None]
149 DRAGONITE 17-Feb-17 Dragon Breath, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Claw Dragon Tail, Hurricane, Outrage
149 DRAGONITE 24-Feb-18 Draco Meteor [None]
150 MEWTWO 20-Sep-18 Shadow Ball, Hyperbeam [None]
154 MEGANIUM 22-Sep-18 Frenzy Plant [None]
157 TYPHLOSION 10-Nov-18 Blast Burn [None]
160 FERALIGATR 10-Dec-17 Water Gun Waterfall
160 FERALIGATR 12-Jan-19 Hydro Cannon [None]
172 PICHU 17-Feb-17 Quick Attack [None]
173 CLEFFA 17-Feb-17 Body Slam, Psychic Grass Knot, Psyshock
174 IGGLYBUFF 17-Feb-17 Body Slam Wild Charge
175 TOGEPI 17-Feb-17 Zen Headbutt Hidden Power
176 TOGETIC 17-Feb-17 Zen Headbutt, Steel Wing Extrasensory, Hidden Power
181 AMPHAROS 15-Apr-18 Dragon Pulse [None]
186 POLITOED 08-Dec-17 Earthquake Surf
196 ESPEON 13-Aug-18 Last Resort [None]
197 UMBREON 13-Aug-18 Last Resort [None]
230 KINGDRA 08-Dec-17 Water Gun Waterfall
238 SMOOCHUM 17-Feb-17 Frost Breath Powder Snow
239 ELEKID 17-Feb-17 Thunderbolt Brick Break
240 MAGBY 17-Feb-17 Flamethrower Fire Blast
245 SUICUNE 08-Dec-17 Hidden Power Snarl
248 TYRANITAR 16-Jul-18 Smack Down [None]
254 SCEPTILE 23-Mar-19 Frenzy Plant [None]
257 BLAZIKEN 09-Dec-17 Stone Edge Focus Blast
257 BLAZIKEN 19-May-19 Blast Burn [None]
286 BRELOOM 30-Jan-19 Grass Knot [None]
289 SLAKING 08-Jun-19 Body Slam [None]
292 SHEDINJA 02-Nov-18 Bite, Struggle Bug [None]
373 SALAMENCE 13-Apr-19 Outrage [None]
376 METAGROSS 21-Oct-18 Meteor Mash [None]
423 GASTRODON 17-May-19 Earthquake Earth Power
473 MAMOSWINE 17-Feb-19 Ancient Power [None]

Only show Legacy Moves

Legacy Move FAQ

What are Legacy Moves?
Legacy moves are when a Pokemon knows a move that it can no longer learn. The only way to have a legacy move is to have obtained that Pokemon moveset before it was made discontinued

How are Legacy Moves created?
Some Pokemon were temporarily given moves they were never supposed to know, Some Pokemon moves have been swapped out for balancing purposes, and more recently 'limited-time' moves are released as part of events (like Community day). All of these scenarios are how Legacy Moves get created

Obtaining Legacy moves is only possible:
- If you receive one in a trade
- If Niantic releases them as a special event
- If another moveset re-shuffle occurs

How does the list work?
Each move listed has a date upon which it became unobtainable. If you played the game a long time ago, or played during a recent event, you may have some Pokemon with Legacy moves. Use this list to see which Pokemon you might have that are considered collectable

Legacy moves can NOT be created by:
- Evolving an old Pokemon
- Using a TM on an old Pokemon
- Evolving a legacy Pokemon

What else?
Legacy moves are generally not better in battle (but some are!)
People like to keep them because they are collectors items.

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Which Legacy moves are actually good?

All legacy Pokemon are collectors items
Below are the generally agreed upon legacy moves that are considered superior:

Best Legacy Moves for Raids & Gym Battles

- Gengar with Shadow Claw (or Lick)
Low survivability but one of the highest DPS in game

- Dragonite with Dragon Breath
Fast animation that makes dodging easier in battle

- Dragonite with Dragon Claw
Fast animation that makes dodging easier in battle

- Snorlax with Body Slam
Great move for a gym defender

- Exeggutor with Confusion
Great move for a gym defender

- Venusaur, Meganium or Sceptile with Frenzy Plant
Community Day Moveset

- Charizard, Typhlosion or Blaziken with Blast Burn
Community Day Moveset

- Tyranitar with Smack Down
Community Day Moveset

- Omastar with Rock Throw & Rock Slide
Similar uses as Smack Down Tyranitar which is considered better

- Moltres with Sky Attack
Even without a Flying quick move, still amazing Flying DPS

- Mewtwo with Shadow Ball
One of the highest Ghost type DPS

- Metagross with Meteor Mash
Highest steel type DPS also a Community day moveset

- Fraligatr with Hydro Cannon
One of the highest non-legnedary Water type DPS

Best Legacy Moves for PVP & Trainer Battles

[Coming Soon]

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